A Note from Jennifer Skog (like Vogue)  As a little girl, one of my most favorite things to do was dress up my baby sister and (very sparingly) photograph her with the family’s last roll of polaroid film.   I never thought of myself as an artist, just simply a girl who enjoys taking a really good photograph of somebody.  But then I realized that that isn’t all I do.  I dream of my shoots, often memorized at all the possibilities that are spilling out of my head.  The location, the light, styling, mood, the story – it's a all the pieces that perfectly fit together to make something beautiful and cherished.  We want this to be an incredible and very personal experience for you.  Come with us.. Unleash your inner temptress with our highly sought after completely styled Fashion Boudoir Shoots!


What inspires you?  We find inspiration everywhere around us, from fashion magazines to music videos to real life occurrences.  Think about your most favorites things: hobbies, pieces of clothing, movies, colors, etc.  Whatever evokes emotion or feeling inside you; it doesn't necessarily have to be a happy feeling, it could be a thrill or a fantasy or an addiction, whatever it may be, write it down.  With your thoughts and ideas, we will create an inspiration board to set a story line for your shoot.  Magazines that we browse frequently include: Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, W Magazine and European Fashion Magazines. 


Our Shoots   Jennifer Skog has teamed up with the best hair & makeup artists and wardrobe stylists in the industry to transform the everyday woman(or man) into a bombshell.  Our Boudoir Shoot is an exclusive full day production-style photo shoot story-boarded, styled and shot like an editorial feature, complete with hair and makeup by industry leader, PMAThis shoot is unlike any other Boudoir out there.  If you want the best, look no further.


Hair and Makeup There are many talented hair & makeup artists and we love working with so many of them, but there is one company that to us, offers a service that nobody else does.  They are well-trained, on-trend, and stay to assist through out the day.  Dressed professionally and suited with an emergency kit, the PMA team not only styles to perfection, but they assist while shooting.  Maria Chang, Owner and Lead Stylist of Professional Makeup Artistry has been my partner in crime for the past decade.  Together, we pioneered the Boudoir Experience - the completely seductively styled shoot with professional hair & makeup, wardrobe styling and magazine ready images to show your love.  Since our partnership, Maria has personally trained and brought on several beautiful artists, one of which, my most favorite person in the world, my baby sister, Lindsay Skog.  Collectively we love working together, inspiring one another, and challenging each other.  I don’t know where I would be without these two kind souls in my life.


Undress Our Boudoir Shoots let you be as sexy as you want to be.  The possibilities for BOUDOIR shoots are endless, often times becoming much more of a super hot fashion story then anything else - which we love!!  One of our favorite things is to take an everyday piece of clothing and wear nothing else, like a sweater or a pair of sexy heels.  Truly, anything can be sexy as long as you show a little skin!


Nervous?!  We totally get it.  And we are sooo thankful for your trust in us!  We do this all the time and it's such a great experience.  It's like playing dress-up!  We come over, raid your closet, mix pieces from our own collection, some girl talk, a little hair & makeup pampering, some music, champagne... Let's just say, it's a good time!! 


Less than Perfect?  Ummmm aren't we all?!  First off - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!  Even the finest models require a little fine-tuning here and there.  We direct to lengthen the body and we know all the tricks in the industry to create visually stimulating images.  My art is just beginning at the styling and capture phase, my retouching skills are pretty awesome (lots of practice!).  We will hide any of your imperfections and enhance all of your assets!


Scheduling If this is a gift or a special occasion, we recommend scheduling your shoot 8 weeks prior to the special day.  Boudoir Shoots are available Mondays - Fridays and last most of the day.  We do book up quickly, so don't delay :)


Books Most of our clients choose to preserve their beautiful boudoir photographs in a custom designed book.  We take pride in offering the highest quality books printed on Archival Matte Paper and bound with either a photo cover or leather cover.  Typically I will design the book based on my favorites, the way I see the story unfold, and you can make any changes you feel fit.  Once the design has been solidified, every image included in the book will be given our Signature Treatment of retouching and image enhancement.  You will approval the final layout with retouched images prior to going to print.  Once it's all complete, you will have the most incredible gift for your love (& you)!


Location This shoot is all about you, which is why most of our Boudoir Shoots take place in the privacy of your own home.  I love walking into a new space that I've never experienced before and developing the story of you right now at this incredible point in your life.  We've worked in so many different settings, sometimes the most creative images come from something as unexpected and challenging like a tiny hotel room with one little window.  Ideally, we like a lot of natural window light, we may lower the blinds to add some mood, but we like to have the option!  If you are traveling or don't completely love your current living situation, after our initial styling call, we will provide other options for shooting locations.


Do you travel?  Yes!  We do!  We are based in both the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Kansas City.  For all other locations, you can either travel to us or you can fly us to you!  We are International Travelers!


Privacy  Your privacy is very important to us and while it sometimes literally breaks my heart not to be able to show the world your beautiful photographs we created together; we completely understand and only want to be respectful of your privacy.  Often times we take Anonymous shots that are safe to share and will always ask permission before sharing any recognizable photographs.